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We have the best payout on all gold, silver and platinum so if you are asking the question "What is today's current market price of gold?" You will find out here that we are the biggest buyer of all gold, silver, coins, diamonds and watches in the USA. Request a free prepaid fully insured mailing kit where all you do is put your unwanted gold jewelry into it, send it in and you will be paid by check our wire transfer within 24 hours. We are the highest paying online cash for gold company and if you are located in the New York City area you can come down to our office for a transaction in person.

Don't forget we not only buy gold but if you have silver, diamonds, platinum, watches or any coins we buy that as well, all you need to do is request a kit from our form on the bottom right.

Gold Payout for Today

Based on Gold $1800oz
ITEM 0oz-3oz 3oz-25oz over 25oz
   10KT $36.31 $36.78 $36.02
$49.05 $49.90 $50.08
$64.95 $65.69 $66.12
   22KT $79.31 $79.94 $80.15
   24KT $86.99 $87.22 $87.71
DENTAL $43.09 $45.96 $47.16
PLATINUM and SILVER 99% Payouts!
Prices in Pennyweight (DWT)

How To Sell Gold Jewelry Tip Video

All of our online gold mailing kits come with free shipping, insurance, confirmation

Us here at American Gold Refinery believe in 100% honesty with our customers, while some online cash for gold companies have had a bad rap, we stand out, not only because we are refiners and cut out the middle man, but because we believe in total customer satisfaction and think and care about repeat business from customers, we want you as a client for the long term and will pay you more for your gold than any other gold buyer in the world. Our quote will be higher than any other gold buyer you go to and that we can guarantee!

We have been around for over 30 years and have our office located in the heart of the diamond district in NYC, So even if your in the area and want to come down you can come right into our office, watch us weigh it and grade it and give you the cash you deserve for your gold jewelry, and remember we also buy silver, diamonds, watches and coins.


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We are one of the largest and highest paying gold buyers across the USA, so when you are looking to sell your gold, theres no place like selling it to a New York Gold Buyer. Click for a free gold kit in the mail. Continue reading


Selling Your Gold

When selling your gold jewelry there is no better place to sell your gold across the USA then American Gold Refinery, we offer top dollar for all gold, broken gold, old gold, tangled gold, it doesn’t matter what kind of gold it is, you will get the best price for all kinds of gold, we buy gold bullions and coins as well as scrap gold. Continue reading


Selling Your Silver

If you are looking to sell your silver there is no better option to sell your silver to us, silver is on the rise and we always offer the highest current price for silver items, we buy pure silver, sterling silver, silver coins and silver flatware. Call Click or come in to our New York City office. Continue reading


Selling Your Platinum

If you are looking to sell your platinum we have the power to refineall platinum, we are one of the few gold refiners that can do this to platinum. So if you are looking to sell your platinum jewelry call or click or come in to our NYC office location and get cash for selling your platinum to us. Continue reading